November 12, 2021

Looking into the Metaverse

That’s so meta, Meta

Two big buzzwords in the tech industry these days are virtual reality and the metaverse. At the end of October, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Inc. is changing its name to Meta Platforms Inc. The social network is still there as Facebook, but all the rest of Facebook Inc. is shifting to the development of the “metaverse” inside virtual and augmented reality platforms.

Confused? Think of those holograms in Star Wars, but with the displaying of Princess Leia asking for help contained to inside a pair of glasses.

Back in 2013, the heavy and expensive headsets of the Kickstarter-backed company Oculus, then pre-Zuckerberg buyout, were impractical for any applications outside of a niche gaming community. But today? Who knew it would be possible to put on a lightweight cordless $299 headset and have a business meeting over a game of mini golf? That "virtual" reality has arrived, and the digital infrastructure that supports it is begrudgingly gaining the name of the Metaverse.

Dovetail Filmworks is involved in this new industry by working with Zero Point Reality and Super Great Video to test technology at the forefront of virtual reality video production. Just yesterday, we tried out equipment from Voyage Audio and Z Cam at AWOL Dance Studio. Some photos of the test are included below.

If you’re curious about virtual reality, let me know and I can show you a headset and some of the tech involved.

Where does the Dovetail name come from?

Dovetail Filmworks does video production. The "Filmworks" portion of the name implies this. The "Dovetail" part comes from the strength of the wooden dovetail joint. It is one of the strongest connections that can be made in woodworking.

Video, i.e. the work of film, uses the power of narrative to unify people around an emotion shared across all boundaries. Joy. Courage. Wonder. From a business sense, these emotions are tied to the brand behind the video, and the end result is a strengthening in the connection between the brand and the viewers. That's the "dovetail" in Dovetail Filmworks; the emotional connection between a brand and its community.

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