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Dovetail Filmworks partners with brands to create maximum growth video content. The “dovetail” in the name, as a reference to the incredibly strong dovetail joint in woodworking, is about this partnership.

We grow our partners' brands with video productions informed by data and modern best practices. Before any production begins, we learn the who, the what, and most importantly, the why of a project in order to understand what video strategies will generate the greatest returns and encourage the most growth. This approach, of answering the why prior to any production work, informs everything we do.

Why choose us?


Future Focused

We take a data-based approach to our video strategies that place us at the cutting edge of video production.



We have many capabilities supported by a deep network of directors, cinematographers, editors, and specialists for any budget.


Local to the Pacific Northwest

We are local to Portland, Oregon and serve businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

Meet the team behind Dovetail Filmworks. We’re making content with cutting-edge technology to provide maximum growth for our partners.

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Editor, Director

Evan Olson

Owner, Producer

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