Inside of a studio with a green screen

At Dovetail Filmworks, we are your start-to-finish allies in the video production process. Be it your big cinematic dream or a series of smaller social ads, we can help you get there. The people that make up our team are all highly experienced and good people local to Portland. More than anything, we want to help you succeed at growing your business through the art of film.

The Dovetail Difference

Video, for all its intricacies and technical jargon, boils down to just two elements: narrative and the emotion that flows from it. Used correctly, these elements transform film into a powerful art capable of inspiring, uplifting, and bringing together people. Be it the joining of a brand with its customers and fans or the connection donors feel to a foundation, film reawakens and strengthens these relationships through the power of narrative and emotion at 24 frames per second.

The foundational principle behind Dovetail Filmworks is "Community Through Video." Our goal is build on those bonds between your company and the community.

What's in the Name?

The "dovetail" in the name is a reference to the joint type in woodworking. Like how a puzzle comes together, two separate pieces of wood slot together in a dovetail joint to become one strong whole. There are two meanings behind the Dovetail name. The first is about how film, through narrative and emotion, can dovetail communities and brands together. The second is about how we operate as an ally on your team; we dovetail with your company to ensure we are hitting our mark.

Why choose us?


Future Focused

We take a data-based approach to our video strategies that place us at the cutting edge of video production. See what we've created here.



We have many capabilities supported by a deep network of directors, cinematographers, editors, and other members of the OMPA fit for any budget.


Local to the Pacific Northwest

We are local to Portland, Oregon and serve businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

Let's make some videos. We'd love to learn more about your next big project.